Simple Pricing – per ZIP-IPTM Line

ZIP-IP™ Line Service Core Quantity of IP Assets Cost per Asset Your Total Cost*
1   Multi-Patent Triage 25   $10   $250
2   Multi-Patent Exam 5   $50   $250
3   Single-Patent Diagnostic Lite 1   $250   $250
4   Single-Patent Diagnostic Premium 1   $500   $500
* This is the minimum charge if you input a quantity of patents less than the minimum ("Core Quantity")

Have a quantity of IP Assets other than those listed here? No problem, your cost is pro-rated   

Multi-Patent Triage: Input a list of up to 25 patents (or more) for a quick assessment of patents.
Analysis includes a quick overview of claims, a preliminary ranking and possible mapping of patents to targets/products.
Multi-Patent Exam: Input a list of up to 5 patents (or more) for a basic assessment of patents.
Analysis includes technology fields, specific observations about claims, and potential application to targets/products and/or standards.
Single-Patent Diagnostic Lite:
An overview of an individual patent, identifying the key claim with a narrative describing related targets/products and/or services.
Single-Patent Diagnostic Premium:
A more in-depth-analysis of the Diagnostic Lite, which includes an element-by-element claim breakdown.

For professional patent analysis services other than those listed above, including detailed claim charting, see our ADDITIONAL SERVICEs offered.  
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Four ZIP-IP Lines

Additional Services

To complement our ZIP-IPTM services, we also offer more in-depth and personalized Patent Analysis services, such as:

  • In-depth Patent Analysis

  • File History Analysis
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Claim Charting & Mapping
  • Expert Declarations
  • Patent Portfolio Review
  • Technology Evaluation
  • IP Mining
  • Individual Consultations
  • Prior Art Analysis
  • One-on-one "White-Glove" Service

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